Microweddings: The Perfect Small, Intimate Wedding

Small, intimate wedding celebrations, known as micro weddings, are becoming increasingly popular in Michigan, Detroit, and throughout the country! A microwedding will typically include a couple of dozen guests—usually immediate family and super-close friends only. A micro wedding isn't an elopement. Although they are tiny and low-key, an elopement is usually planned and attended only by the couple and 2 witnesses, with possibly a handful of extra parents or friends. Think of a micro wedding as a perfect, less stressful, mix between an elopement and a traditional wedding! 


First and foremost you will save money! Obviously, if you lower your guest count that means extra money in your pocket. You need less space, less food, drinks, invitations, and favors, etc. The best part is the money you saved on all those extra guests allows you to afford other things that you deem as more important. That may be your dream venue you never thought you'd be able to afford, the perfect designer wedding dress, or even the wedding photographer that you really really want *wink, wink*


That smaller guest list also allows you more quality time with your guests and intimate time with your new spouse. The day is about YOU, you should be able to hug and kiss and catch up with all of those you hold closest to your heart. Not to say you don't love your grandmother's neighbor, but spending your wedding day trying to casually greet 200 people isn't as meaningful as sitting and talking one on one to every person. 


For me, the best part about a small wedding is that you can be creative! You're having a small, non-traditional wedding for a reason, you're unique. Feel free to switch things up. Don't want the pressure of having to dance in front of everyone? Don't do it. Don't want to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a huge wedding cake when you'd rather have doughnuts or an ice cream truck? Would you rather have a nice brunch? Prefer an arcade or minigolf to dancing? Do what you want!


The only major deterrent for a micro wedding is that it may not make everyone happy. Your mom may want to invite everyone she has ever known. Sadly, there is no way around this. You simply have to politely talk to those who this might affect, explain to them what you would like and why it means more to you to have something more personal. Heck, let them read this blog post! Parents and friends are always trying their best to help and truly want the best for you. For your wedding, set the expectations for what YOU want first, and then let them help you plan the smaller details :)