The BEST Bride Survival Kit

The Best Ever Bride and Bridesmaid's Wedding Day Survival Kit

A DIY Emergency Kit for a Flawless Wedding


I think I have put together possibly the best Bridal Survival Kit on the planet. Literally everything you could ever need is in this kit. Using sample sizes of items from Target along with Dollar Store items, this kit has everything you need for as cheap as it gets! I'm sharing my list of must haves with you. Take or leave any of the items based on your personal needs! 

The Best Bride and Bridesmaid Emergency Survival Kit

Dollar Store Items


Scissors- You will need scissors for obvious reasons; cutting tags, packaging, strings, etc.

Sewing Kit- The one I purchased includes safety pins, push pins, thread (Black, White, Navy, Red, & Green), needles, a needle threader, thimble, measuring tape, and even extra white buttons. This is a great Dollar Store item!

Hair pins- You will use TONS of these getting your hair done. Although your hair stylist will have your hair done beautifully, you may need a  few extra throughout the day as small pieces come undone. 

Hair ties- Primarily for late in the night when you want to just let your hair go and dance the night away! Hair ties can also be used to hold bags together, tie up dresses, etc. 

Wet Wipes- You will most definitely want some wet wipes! Some people suggest hand sanitizers or napkins, however wet wipes are the best of all worlds. Not only can they clean hands (better than sanitizer), but they can clean up messes, stickyness, small stains on clothing, etc. 

Shoe pads- This is one that most of you should already have in your shoes. However, I saw them at the dollar store and thought it would be a good thing to have for extra achy feet. 

Tylenol- Someone will need tylenol at some point during your day. Whether its a headache from stress, drinking, cramps, or a plethora of other things. The good thing about getting the generic acetominphen from the dollar store is that its the same stuff, you get 40 tablets, and you aren't limted to the 2-3 single use packets that other kits come with. If every mom and bridesmaid gets a heache, you're covered!

Socks- Sock are just a nice thing to have. I imagine you will bring flat shoes or flip flops for dancing later in the night, however socks are great because they also keep your feet warm. Just think of how nice it is after a long day of work to come home and put your sore feet into some nice, new, super soft socks. 

Tampons/Panty Liners- Enough said.

Crazy Glue- Crazy Glue is a good all-purpose item to have. Whether something small breaks, a ribbon on your bouquet needs some glue, beads come off some decor, you'll be covered for a variety of situations. 

Dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouth wash- Whether you are brushing your teeth before the big events, using mouthwash to freshen up, or get food stuck in your teeth, you'll want a few things to keep your mouth clean and kissable!

Straws- Straws are a great idea for keeping lipstick nice and fresh!

Q-tips and Cotton Balls- I purchased a kit at my dollar store with Q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton pads. All are great for makeup touchups!

Band Aids- You'll want these not only for cuts but also to cover blisters on your feet from shoes. *Sigh* I know, we all get them. Darn dress shoes. I purchased a small first aid kit at my Dollar Store that has about 20 various sized bandaids in it along with a couple of packets of antibiotic ointment. I love that there are tiny ones in there too! Let's say you had a small cut on your ring hand, you defintely don't want a big bandaid on your finger when you could use a tiny one. 

Eye Drops- Throughout the day you may be crying or getting dry eye from your contacts. Maybe even a little redness in your eyes from drinking... so you'll want some eye drops just in case. Little known fact, eye drops can actually be used on the skin to remove redness as well. A lot of people use them to reduce redness from pimples. 

Mirror- You will want to make sure your hair and makeup is good and there is nothing in your teeth. 

Lint roller- I have pets so this is a big one for me! It is also a big one for the groom and groomsmen since most suits and tuxes are dark colors and lint shows up more. 

Deodorant- Yep! Don't be stinky and sweaty.

Antacid- I'm sure the groom will thank you for this one. No one wants heartburn on their wedding day! With all the drinking and snacks and the delicious dinner, its easy to get a bit of heartburn. 

Pen and Paper- This is one thats often overlooked. You never really think about having something to write on these days with everything being digital. Countless times I've witnessed grooms (and some brides) write loving notes on hotel stationary... for real. If you have a small notebook or even some post-its and a pen, it's much nicer! Some times you'll just want to jot down thoughts, other times you'll need ot write down directions for guests or vendors, or write down phone numbers, etc. 

Lighter- Lighters are good for burning edges of torn ribbons or lighting candles.

Baby Powder- Sometimes on a hot day a girl (or guy) needs some baby powder. 

Razor- For the unexpected stubble or the Bridesmaid that forgot to shave her legs lol

Extension Cord- This is actually a great one. I purchased a small 6 ft. extension cord at the dollar store. Its perfect for those times when you need to steam a dress, plug in the makeup artists airbrush machine, or want to use your laptop with a dying battery on the table, but the outlet plug is a bit too fat away.

White Duct Tape- Duct tape fixes everything, right? Since most things at weddings are white, get some!


Target Items


Lip balm- $1.59- You will most likely have your favorite lipstick on you, but you may want a lip balm or chapstick as well. 

Tissues- $1.00- You will definitely want some tissues! Someone will be crying. They are also good if someone has allergies or if its a mild or cold day and noses get a little runny. 

Breath Mints- $2.09- Some people prefer gum, but I like breath mints better. Breath mints are good because once they've done their job they're gone. You dont have to find a place to spit it out and you aren't chomping while walking down the aisle or taking photos.

Nail Kit- file, tweezers, clippers, etc.- $1.97- These are good for those nail emergencies. Broken nails, chipping polish, hang nails, and even tweezers for plucking a missed eyebrow (or dare I say chin) hair. 

Clear nail polish- $1.99- Again, great for nail emergencies. A clear coat can often fix a lot of problems. It can also stop runs in panty hose. 

Blotting Papers- $3.59- These are great for hot days. If you feel like your face may get a bit shiny its good to have a pack! Since men generally don't wear makeup its good for them too.

Hair Spray- $1.49- Most girls are good to go once their hair stylist has gotten done with them. But just in case bangs get unruly or little sprig of hair is standing up, a small can of hairspray never hurts. 

Tide To Go Pen- $2.99- Great for stains. I'd say they're used at about 90% of weddings at some point. A definite MUST. 

Fashion tape or Clear double sided tape $3.99- Most Brides or Bridesmaids buy fashion tape these days. Fashion tape is great! It can help keep parts of your dress or dress straps from moving around. I also think that the 'permanant' double sided clear tapes works just as well. Its really not as permanent as it says and its perfect on the skin and fabrics. Plus its cheaper than fashion tape! 

Lotion- $1.00-  A good staple to have for dry knees or elbows. 

Sunscreen- $1.49- Especially if you have an outdoor wedding on a sunny day. You don't want to look like a lobster when your reception comes around, not to mention on your honeymoon. 

Earring backs- $4.99- These aren't a 100% necessity and are a bit overpriced for tiny pieces of plastic and metal. However, I've seen many bridesmaids lose earring backs. 

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray- $1.54- In the begining of the day you will all have your dresses and suits steamed and pressed and looking perfect. But as the day goes on you will inevitably get small wrinkles in your clothing. Wrinkle spray will help with this! It also helps with odor and static. 

Poopourri- $9.99- This might seem like an odd item, however, think about being in close quarters with people all day long. Most of the day you will be sharing one or maybe two bathrooms with your entire wedding party. When nature calls it can be embarrassing and we will leave it at that!


Grand Total $67.71

If you had to buy all of these items brand new the total would be approximately $68. 

Also take into consideration that 1) You already have some of these items and 2) This is purchasing everying new. Most of the Dollar Store items come in large packs so you will have a lot extra for home or to make bridesmaid mini kits. 


Other Items to Consider

These are all items you'll want to have on hand, but the brand and type will vary depending on what you like and need. 

  • Mini Liquor Shot Bottles
  • Perfume
  • Lipstick
  • Undies
  • Benedryl
  • Granola bar(s) or other snack
  • Bug Spray
  • Caffeine
  • Panty Hose
  • Water
  • Flat shoes
  • Emergen C
  • Phone Charger


If you don't feel like making your own Wedding Survival Kit you can purchase some pre-made ones as well. Generally they include the majority of your items but definitely not all of them and not nearly in the quantity that you'd get buying them yourself. However, they are sometimes more convenient. This is my favorite one: Bridetastic Wedding Emergency Kit