Wedding Albums

Living in the digital age has made me realize how important wedding albums are. If you're like me you take photos on your phone and that's pretty much the end of it. If you're lucky maybe you remember to save them to the cloud or a hard drive, but you never really look at them again. Sure every couple of years when you're organizing your files or looking for something specific you'll glance through them, but ultimately they just exist in digital space. 

So here you are, you've spent all this money on your wedding, you have your gorgeous photos back on your USB, and you let them sit there. Sure you made a few 5x7's or 8x10's, but why would you not make a high-quality album that will last your family hundreds of years? Dare I say it, your wedding album really isn't just for you. It's for your grandchildren. Your wedding album will be an heirloom passed down to your children and one day your grandchildren. Just imagine how happy your grandmother would be sitting down with you and showing you her wedding album.  Now imagine one day you will be doing the same thing with your granddaughter. That's a pretty awesome thought! It's a highlight of my job to be able to give that to you!

We offer various sizes of our high-quality fine art wedding albums, 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12. All of our albums are lay-flat albums meaning that when you open it up the pages lay completely flat. There is no center crease so you don't lose image space. The lack of creases also means over time they don't discolor in the center like normal book pages. In fact, the archival paper they are printed on is tested to last at least 75 years without any discoloration. They come with a genuine leather binding in your choice of vintage black, dark brown, or white. 


Ordering Your Wedding Album

Ready to Order your album? Here is the process:

1) With your wedding package, you receive an online gallery. From that gallery, there is a favorite button that looks like a heart. Depending on the size of album you order, you'll favorite all the images that you want me to use in your album directly on your online gallery. Super easy, right!?

2) I will also need these 3 items:

  • A vertical photo that you'd like for your album cover
  • Exact text that you'd like on your cover. Usually, this is a simple name and date. 
  • The color of leather binding you'd like (Black, Dark Brown, or White)

3) Once I have all of that information I can begin designing your wedding album. The timing for this process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year. 

4) Once your album is designed I will send you proofs of the design layouts. You get one round of free changes for any things you may not like. 

5) When we have your designs finalized I send to print. Your beautiful new album is in your hands about 2 weeks later!